31 Things I've Learned How to Do in Quarantine

What a bizarre season in all of our lives, huh? Many years from now, we'll all remember exactly where we were when our states announced that non-essential businesses were shutting down due to COVID-19. Those first days of quarantine were surreal. There was a toilet paper shortage, price gouging on hand sanitizer, a lack of protective gear in hospitals and the initiation of a new practice called "social distancing." But I'll never forget the first time it all really sank in for me.

I think we've all felt a little like this over the past 6 months

During that first week, my brother Luke made an observation that we "probably wouldn't be hugging or shaking hands with anyone for a very long time." That vision of our new reality shook me to my core. And it was the first of many times I've burst into tears this year. But despite my own moments of sheer grief and anxiety, I've felt profound gratitude. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and family and friends who make life, especially quarantine life, worth living. God continues to show up through the noise. And above all else, I know that light will triumph over the darkness that many of us have experienced since COVID-19 made its uninvited entrance to the party.

That said, I've taken this unusual time in my life to learn some stuff. While some of the 31 things on this list were intentional (e.g. learning ukulele), others were thrust upon me (e.g. wearing a mask all dang day).

And maybe you can even relate to some of 'em. So without further ado, here are "31 Things I've Learned How to Do in Quarantine."

  1. Thanks to Vintage Church, I had the chance to co-lead an 8-week online Alpha course that explores life, faith and our purpose here on this crazy Earth.

2. I learned how hard it is to paint all the nooks and crannies of a bathroom. But with a bit of time and a lot of splattered paint on the floor (obviously I forgot to buy a tarp), I transformed our tiny apartment bathroom with just a few coats of paint.

3. I learned how to do some basic video editing and tackled my fear with GarageBand to launch Josh's new podcast, which features clips from his memoir Just Don't Fall.

4. I learned that the people over at animal control are really nice. I called in an injured baby squirrel and Officer Hernandez came to the rescue with a hilarious box.

5. I learned how to write in a new way. I took an AMAZING modern brush lettering class with artist Samantha Testa of Painted Palettes and I highly recommend hiring her to teach a workshop to you and your co-workers!

6. I learned how to get the laundry done despite the national coin shortage. I'm only allowed to get one $10 roll of quarters at a time from the bank!

7. I learned the joy of sharing toilet paper, chocolate chip cookies and stoop hangs with my dear friend and neighbor, Tara. Having her friendship in this strange time has been pure sunshine.

8. I learned how to be a peaceful protestor in my first march. I walked with my neighbors and friends from church to promote love, justice and freedom for all.

9. I learned the discipline of keeping a daily journal. Thanks to my grandmother's recommendation, I've kept a daily journal to remember the highs and lows of life in quarantine.

10. Instead of buying it at the store in single-use plastic, I learned how to make coconut oil body scrub one random afternoon with a giant bag of sugar I had on hand.

11. I learned how to host dinner on our tiny stoop. We've had our BFF Brad over a few times for socially distanced dinner out here. For the past two years, I've hosted a big Sunday night dinner, but COVID pressed pause on that. This was a nice compromise :)

12. I learned how to use TikTok. During one particularly random week of quarantine, I made lots of funny (in my humble opinion) videos of Mushu. But I had to delete the app after just 2 weeks, because it was truly too much fun and too addictive.

13. I learned how to push through the miles. I rode my bike for the longest time I've ever done - 30 miles to Hollywood and back! I bought my first bike during quarantine and it's brought me so much joy and freedom during this relatively cooped-up time. Shout-out to Tara for the "dope footy."

14. I learned the important of wearing a mask for others and wore a mask every <clap> single <clap> time I left the house. Just wear it, friends. It's kind of fun to look like a Wild West villain.

15. I learned how to play the ukulele. I've always wanted to learn an instrument, but never put in the time to practice. And I actually love to practice and play everyday. My favorite song to play is Your Song along with 20 other Disney songs...any song requests?

16. I have intense cravings for crackers. All the time. So I learned how to make them myself without zipping off to the store. I've baked many, many, many trays of homemade vegan and gluten-free crackers thanks to the amazing recipes from Minimalist Baker.

17. I learned how to teach 50+ virtual kids yoga classes and managed to keep their attention long enough on Facetime to teach a little. I even got to hang out with my sweet cousin Nolan in Baltimore!

18. I learned an old game from elementary school. I forgot how to play MASH, so my highlarious 8 year old neighbor reminded me how. Notice how my future predicts I'll die at 32 while living on Trash Island without a job alongside my 2 kids. Thanks, Stella!!