31 Things I've Learned How to Do in Quarantine

What a bizarre season in all of our lives, huh? Many years from now, we'll all remember exactly where we were when our states announced that non-essential businesses were shutting down due to COVID-19. Those first days of quarantine were surreal. There was a toilet paper shortage, price gouging on hand sanitizer, a lack of protective gear in hospitals and the initiation of a new practice called "social distancing." But I'll never forget the first time it all really sank in for me.

I think we've all felt a little like this over the past 6 months

During that first week, my brother Luke made an observation that we "probably wouldn't be hugging or shaking hands with anyone for a very long time." That vision of our new reality shook me to my core. And it was the first of many times I've burst into tears this year. But despite my own moments of sheer grief and anxiety, I've felt profound gratitude. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and family and friends who make life, especially quarantine life, worth living. God continues to show up through the noise. And above all else, I know that light will triumph over the darkness that many of us have experienced since COVID-19 made its uninvited entrance to the party.