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The Perfectly Imperfect Road Trip in Ireland

Ireland is the perfect place to get lost with someone you love a whole lot. Like, for example, your little sister Christine. We’re usually separated by the 2,086 miles between Brooklyn and Los Angeles, but there’s nothing like a road trip in a tiny European car to smoosh you back together. Anyway, I'll tell you in a bit why I've decided to call this blog post "the perfectly imperfect" road trip.

They don't call it the Emerald Isle for nothin

The rest of the world knows her by "Christine" but to me, she'll always be my Tine. Tine and I booked a 7-day trip in November with the goal of spending a few days in Dublin and then driving around southern Ireland. We specifically picked this time of year to enjoy the perks of low tourist season like fewer crowds and less traffic. Plus, we had both gotten time off of work.

Christine was our fearless driver to the Cliffs of Moher along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Christine was our fearless driver to the Cliffs of Moher along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Before I dive into the details of our perfectly imperfect Irish road trip, I want to share a moment on one of our first stops, that for me, set the tone of the entire trip. The first person we met on the road was John of John’s Bookshop in Althone. You can’t miss his cheery storefront next to a 12th century castle that was closed for the winter (boo!), but open to visitors in the spring and summer. Since the castle was closed, we decided to look around John's Bookshop for a bit before lunch. When John heard we were driving part of the southern route of the Wild Atlantic Way to the Cliffs of Moher, he said in that gentle Irish lilt, "Ah, yes. You go to the west of Ireland for your soul."

Tine found several plays she wanted to read, including one by Irishman, Oscar Wilde

Boy, did my soul need restoration. Our family had recently experienced the loss of our grandfather to a long and complicated battle with cancer. I'd just gotten laid off from a job I loved (so my time off for the trip was irrelevant now) and I wasn't sure what the next step of my career would be. In addition to the spiritual heartache from these losses, I was really sick from something I had picked up recently on a trip to Mexico. So like I said, perfectly imperfect timing.

Getting a subtle reminder from some street art in Althone

My soul needed Ireland. I wanted the icy chill of the Atlantic Ocean to rattle the sadness out of my bones. I wanted to ride a horse or pet a sheep or something. I wanted to be far, far away. But I didn’t want to be totally alone, I wanted to be with my sister. Tine and I didn't have a precise itinerary in place, but we knew we really wanted to visit the Cliffs of Moher, which are soaring rock formations along the southern part of the Wild Atlantic Way. The Wild Atlantic Way is a 1,553 mile drive along the country's coastline which as the name suggests offers insane views of the Atlantic Ocean. Our drive would take us through four of Ireland's counties: Mayo, Galway, Clare, and Limerick.

Here are my "steps" to have a perfectly imperfect road trip in Ireland.

Step #1: Pick Your Road Trip Partner

Well, obviously. Pick someone you really, really like because you'll be spending a lot of time with this person in a tiny space. I knew I'd love traveling with Tine because she is:

A.) Fun

B.) Flexible

One of Christine's new favorite places is the student quad at Trinity College.

Things can go wrong on any trip, but especially an overseas road trip so it's important to go with someone who travels with a sense of fun and flexibility.

Aside from learning to drive safely on the left side of the road, Tine went to great lengths to take care of me during the trip since I was still fairly weak from the effects of Montezuma's Revenge. Yes, I could write an entire blog post on the whereabouts of every public restroom in Dublin.

Getting taking care of by Tine in our hotel room

Things didn't look good on our first night at the Academy Plaza Hotel (€140/night) in Dublin. Because my symptoms escalated overnight, Tine called an ambulance. The Irish paramedics were awesome and gave instructions on how to recover as quickly as possible.

Step #2: Spend Time Exploring Dublin

Dublin Airport is a major international airport and flights into Ireland are often relatively affordable. Tine and I flew in from our respective cities, Los Angeles and New York, and stayed for three nights at the Academy Plaza Hotel near Grafton Street. We saw most of the city by foot, including some of Dublin's most popular sites:

An unexpected highlight for me was the Dublin Writers Museum where I learned all about famous Irish poets, playwrights and authors. Tine already knew about them all from her theatre studies at Manhattan College. My biggest takeaway was that Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula in 1897, was a born and bred Irishman. Who knew?!

After seeing the museum, we reunited over tea and scones with my friend, Chantal Murray, who I met 20 years ago when we were fellow travelers and fanatics in the Titanic Historical Society. I was literally 11-years-old when she last saw me, so our reunion was hilarious! She's so much fun to be with and I wish we lived in the same city. Like, what have you been DOING for the last 20 years? We had a blast at Bewley's Grafton Street, an iconic place for coffee, pastries and friends to collide. Chantal and her husband, Kieran live just outside the city with their three beautiful and ultra-athletic sons.

After our third night in Dublin, I finally felt well enough to begin the road trip portion of this adventure. We got a little booth at the pub next to our hotel, Murray's, and mapped out our tentative route old-school with pen and paper. The next day, we hit the road.

Here's Tine at the Dublin Writer's Museum in Ireland.

Step #3: Rent a Car for Your Road Trip

You cannot see Ireland without renting a car, so make sure that someone in your party can drive a car with manual transmission. Something to know about my sister is that she doesn't back down from a challenge. Drive on the opposite side of the car? On the opposite side of the road? Puhhlease. Tine didn't bat an eye as the sales associate walked us through what to expect on the road, such as the country's many roundabouts.

We had a great experience at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car location at Dublin Airport, but I highly recommend waiting to rent a car until after you've spent a few days in Dublin (where you don't really need a car and will just have to pay to park it while you walk around the city).