My 9 Favorite Travel Apps

Travel has changed a whole lot in my lifetime. When I was little, my grandmother worked with a travel agent in the Midwest who created gigantic itinerary binders for us to lug across the Atlantic Ocean. My mother-in-law told me she once hauled library books all the way to Italy so she'd know where to stay. Not too long ago, we even needed a physical boarding pass to get on a plane!

Now? All of these travel resources - maps, boarding passes, reviews, photos - are literally in the palm of our hands. You're probably even reading this sentence on your cell phone!

This post is dedicated to the person who doesn't think they can plan an international adventure.

  • Maybe you've never traveled outside the United States before.

  • Maybe you're nervous because English is the only language you speak.

  • Maybe you're overwhelmed with where to start.

It's okay! There are some pretty slick resources out there to help you organize the adventure of a lifetime. Friends ask me all the time what mobile apps I use for travel, so here are my nine favorites:

1. Google Maps

This app needs no introduction. It's the best navigation site on the planet and I'm sure Magellan would fall on his knees in ecstasy if he'd gotten the chance to use it. It maps hundreds of millions places in 220 countries and territories around the world and you can even create custom maps like this one that