My Top 10 Moments at Connect Live 2019

I wrote my very first travel diary when I went to Ireland with my grandparents at age 11. Keeping a diary helped me remember what we ate, where we went and what we loved the most. You can tell by looking at the entry below that I really loved the bacon, toast, and sausage that comes with a traditional Irish breakfast. More than 20 years later and I'm still sharing my favorite things by uploading "my travel diary" via writing reviews on Google Maps.

Obviously no one read my childhood travel journals, although I secretly hoped that one day people would want to read about my travel experiences. Even though I dreamed of having these journals published someday (HAHAHA), it definitely never occurred to me that one day scores of strangers might read my travel recommendations on the planet's most beloved map. This interactive map didn't even exist when I started writing reviews in my little journals.

Google Maps has been around since 2005 and is used by one billion people every single day. I've been an avid user of the mobile application as long as I've had a smart phone, but only started writing reviews and uploading photos about two years ago. Since then I've written about 500 reviews and uploaded more than 1,400 photos to help fellow travelers make smart decisions when they eat, drink and do in cities around the world.