What to Do in Napa and Sonoma

It's been horrifying to follow the news of the wildfires ravaging Napa and Sonoma counties in northern California. This is a region that depends on tourism and its world-class agricultural products like wine, grapes and olives, so the fires have truly disrupted life in every way. The famous Silverado Trail was shutdown. Wineries have been destroyed and all others have battened the hatches. Thousands of homes and businesses have been decimated. Wine productions will be challenged for seasons to come. As of right now, more than 200,000 acres have been scorched.

Most devastating of all is that more than 40 precious lives have been lost and local responders are still searching for those who are missing.

Westwood Hills Park in Napa, California

A quiet hike at Westwood Hills Park in Napa, California || August 2017

With my 30th birthday around the bend, my husband, Josh and two of our close friends planned a weekend in Napa and Sonoma in late October to celebrate. We've been following the fire reports over the last two weeks and wanted to keep the trip and show our economic support for the region, however, our hotel recommended that we reschedule. When I spoke with the manager about the recovery progress, he shared that their rooms were all full capacity with evacuees.

Although we've postponed our adventure, I wanted to share the itinerary I created, so you can get some creative ideas of what to do for a couples' weekend in Napa and Sonoma. I built the itinerary for free on an infographic-building platform called Canva, which has really cool, customizable templates to work with. I've made it public, so you can check it out and build your own for your next adventure.