Explore the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania

What comes to mind when you think of Pennsylvania? If you're anything like me, you see Ben Franklin in an Eagles jersey signing The Declaration of Independence with one hand and scarfing a sloppy cheesesteak with the other. Anyone else? But take a closer look, my friend and you'll see there a lot more to Pennsylvania than Philadelphia. If you drive just 150 miles north of the city, you'll find yourself in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, a heavily forested area that stretches across 2,394-square-miles. There are 150 lakes around here, so it feels very appropriate that the word Pocono means "stream between two mountains" in the native Lenape language.

Our bachelorette party took a sunset pontoon ride on Fairview Lake to celebrate our beloved bride-to-be!

I'm pretty familiar with the area because I spent eleven summers up here at Camp Oneka, an all-girls camp in a neighborly lakeside community called Tafton. To give you an idea of how obsessed I was with this place, you should know that I often fantasized about getting a tattoo of this unincorporated town's zip code, 18464, when I was all grown up. I never did get that tattoo, but I did get to spend a really fun weekend up here for my friend, Jillian's bachelorette party. Friends came from near and far to celebrate this awesome bride-to-be.