Visiting "Moúnt á már" in Paris at age 11 | Throwback Travel Series

My mom recently shipped me a box of my childhood diaries and journals. As I flipped through the pages, filled with sloppy sketches of famous tourist sites and lists of my favorite meals, I was warmly greeted by my younger self.

When I was 11 years old, the paternal side of the family spent two weeks celebrating my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary on a transatlantic cruise with the Queen Elizabeth II, an ocean liner that has since been converted to a floating hotel in Dubai. Our first port of call was New York City with a stop in London, before taking the Eurostar to Paris.

Our entire family wore bright red shirts commemorating the trip.

Listen carefully and you'll hear my brother, Michael call me a show-off in the background.

It never really occurred to me when I was a kid just how privileged

I was to be taken on such an adventure.

This Throwback Travel (TBT) series will launch every Thursday and include a real journal entry about a destination visited during my childhood. My journal entries have been copied below exactly as I wrote them. The entries remain unedited, so please excuse any spelling errors, horrifyingly bratty comments, inconsistent capitalization, overzealous exclamation marks and hilarious attempts to write in French. The only thing I've added is brackets to clarify a reference to a family member or place.