Titanic Girl's First Trip to New England | Throwback Travel Series

My proudest achievement as a little girl was my involvement with the Titanic Historical Society (THS), an organization dedicated to preserving the ship's history for future generations. I became completely captivated by the Titanic at age 8 and my maternal grandparents, Dede and Pop Pop nurtured that curiosity by taking me under their wing for special heritage tours and conferences around the world.

Ready for tea time in my grandmother's Heart of the Ocean necklace, inspired by the 1997 film.

I literally think I'm Celine Dion in this photo.

My parents were supportive of this deep, but unusual interest in Titanic history but knew the value of fostering a strong bond with my grandparents, exploring world history and having unique cultural experiences.

Not long after my first trip on the Queen Elizabeth II, I had yet another. This time, the Titanic Historical Society was headed to Maine, Halifax and Quebec to learn about Canada's involvement in the Titanic disaster.