Tips for Couples Traveling Together

Traveling with your partner is a pretty fanfreakintastic experience. What better way to grow closer together than through meeting new places, people and pastries? My husband, Josh and I have been all over together and literally traveled 300,000 miles side by side on planes, trains and automobiles.

I did the math. Josh and I have sat beside each other for 200+ hours on international flights to 14 countries. That's not including domestic trips in the United States. Daaaaang. Now that's a lot of quality time in a 2'x2' space.

Josh getting some beauty sleep en route to Vero Beach, Florida.

This may or may not be his first time seeing this photo.

Traveling, of course, provides an incredible gateway to the world. And in doing so together, Josh and I continue to grow and deepen our relationship. If you're curious where we've been in the past 8 years, please check out the interactive