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Play "Best Foot Forward" Bingo!

I am thrilled to share a new series called "Best Foot Forward" on Apple TV+ based on my husband Josh Sundquist's childhood. It was an honor to be a part of the production as Josh's on-set assistant where I was able to support the crew and experience a television show being made!

If you're not planning a watch party already, you should definitely plan an evening to check out the show with your friends and family. And because I'm a big party planner myself, I created a "Best Foot Forward" Bingo game so you can get to know the characters and play along during your watch party!

A young boy with a prosthesis is standing next to a man who is missing his left leg and using cutches. There is a wall behind them of lockers that says "Best Foot Forward" and Apple TV+.
Here's Josh with his mini-me Logan Marmino who plays "Josh Dubin" in the series. We loved getting to know the amazing Marmino family!


How to Play "Best Foot Forward" Bingo!


  1. Click the red button above

  2. Begin playing!

  3. Click any box and an X will appear!

*If you are planning with your friends, every person should SELECT THEIR OWN LINK from the list here.


  1. Click the red button above

  2. Select "Print" to have a hard copy of your bingo card.

  3. To print multiple unique cards, select a link here and then"Print" to have a variety of cards!

This is a young boy with his arms crossed confidently standing in front of his locker at school. The words "Best Foot Forward" and "Apple TV+" are in the background as well as photos of his friends and family.
We're so proud of Logan Marmino who played "Josh"like a pro!

It was an honor to be a little part of this groundbreaking new series on Apple TV+ and I cannot wait for you to watch it soon. And if you love the show... please tell the whole world! You can write a review for Best Foot Forward on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Google.


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