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7 Things that are Cuter in Japan

I'm going to retire the word, "cute" when I get home from Japan. I mean, I have to. Everything here is just so much cuter. There is extreme attention to cute detail when it comes to everyday objects, even infusing emotions into the most inanimate of objects. I had to keep myself from buying everything just because it was so cute!

This list could go on forever, but I hope you enjoy my brief list of 7 things that are simply cuter in Japan.

1. Hotel Amenities

My husband, Josh and I booked the budget-friendly Tokyu REI Hotel (~$100 USD) in the Shibuya neighborhood for our 5 night stay in Tokyo. Our bathroom came fully stocked with a razor, tooth brush, toothpaste, hair net, exfoliating towel, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, slippers and best of all...these cotton, floor-length yukata. After walking 10 miles or more during the day, nothing felt better than slipping into this cozy sleepwear.

Don't even get me started on the perfect toilet.

As you can see, yukata is a Japanese garment for lounging.

The Tokyo REI Hotel was conveniently located, a great value and full of surprising amenities

2. Donuts

The cutest pastries come from Siretoco inside of the Tokyo Station. I saw these adorable creatures from afar had to try one, which I carried with me all the way to Tokyo Disneyland for my second breakfast.

It was hard not to fill my bag with donuts

Unfortunately, I dropped my precious donut when switching ticket lines and it fell face down onto the pavement. IT FELL. This perfect donut fell to the ground and yet, the park is so extremely clean that I picked it right back up and still ate every bite. It was a rich, moist strawberry cake with icing and even more delicious than it was cute.

A happy little pastry indeed

3. Public signage

Even the most basic signage in Tokyo is adorable. Their use of popular animated characters like Kitty White of Hello Kitty and Pikachu of Pokemon seemed to soften the daily grind by infusing some whimsy into the urban landscape. Because the trains are frequented by daily business commuters, most fashions are professional and monochrome, however, the signage provides pops of colors throughout the station. So cute!

These signs are so cute, they make me want to follow the rules!

4. Buses

This public bus is designed to look like an adorable red Shiba Inu puppy. It looks like he even has a little sidekick friend on the side of the bus. Even though this bus looks like it's about to hit me, I don't really mind because it's just so cute.

5. Public train station benches

Ergonomically designed in a fun poppy color, this bench is both comfortable and cute. A clean spot to rest while you wait for the train to arrive.

Cozy and cute ergonomic bench at the Tokyo Disneyland station.

6. Desserts at Tokyo Disneyland

Have you seen cuter aliens in your entire life? These mochi balls were filled with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla filling.

Oh no! The clawwwwwwwww.

7. All this stuff.

What is it? I don't know, but it's super cute! Sorry for the grainy footage. I was so overcome by cuteness that I simply couldn't hold the camera steady. Besides, this cute shop was underground in a massive shopping gallery in downtown Tokyo.

I really wanted to take home all of these cute accessories.


Adventure Unabashedly Recommends

1 Chome-24-10

Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002


3-34-1 Koenjikita


Tokyo Prefecture


1-1 Maihama

Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031



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