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Here's What I've Watched in Quarantine: Vol. II

So a lot of you have been asking ...

Just kidding, absolutely no one has asked for this, but I've written a follow-up post about all of the entertainment I've watched since the pandemic started. And c'mon, WHO AMONG US doesn't need more recommendations on what to watch next?

Let me catch you up to speed. By the end of Summer 2020, I'd seen an astounding 38 movies and hundreds of episodes of 20 different television shows.

Since then, I've watched 37 more movies and watched 8 more TV shows in their entirety. We're still having out nightly sibling chats, which has been a beloved constant during this challenging time.

Here's the follow-up list of all of the shows and movies I've watched across the past few months with a 5 word review/description about each:

TV Shows

  • Nathan for You (Hulu | TV-MA, 4 seasons) - The best prank show ever.

  • The Undoing (HBO | TV-MA, 6 episodes) - Disturbing, but gripping murder mystery.

  • Superstore (Hulu | TV-14, 6 seasons) - Ensemble workplace comedy at Walmart.

  • Staged (Hulu | 6 episodes) - Captures the art of pandemic television.

  • Broad City (Hulu | TV-MA, 5 seasons) - Wild girlfriend antics in NYC.

  • Shrill (Hulu | TV-MA, 2 seasons) - Life and times of Portland writer.

  • Home for Christmas (Netflix | TV-MA, 12 episodes) - Norwegian nurse searches for love.

  • The Queen's Gambit (Netflix | TV-MA, 7 episodes) - Chess prodigy struggles with life.


As you can see, I saw quiiiiiite a few Christmas movies which I devour while wrapping gifts during the month of December. Lots of rom coms. A few action movies here and there. But my favorite show of all is Nathan for You.

Have any recommendations on what to watch next? Please let me know in the comments!

Which end is which? Here's a BTS look at what most of my couch time looks like now!


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