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My Top 22 "Made in USA" Products

Thank you for checking out my list of my favorite products made in the USA. If you haven't already read it, you can check out my blog post explaining the main reasons why I try to buy things as locally as possible.

I also want to note that some of the items on this list are a bit more expensive than the cheaper, mass-produced version you've seen at Target or TJ Maxx. And I get it. I like to save money too and find good deals whenever I can! I didn't just go out and buy all of these things at was over many years. Just remember that you're paying a little more on the front end for a better made product that will last longer. You can always search on Poshmark for some of these brands to see what's available for less money. I find most of my Carbon38 leggings on there!

This list includes a variety of products so I'll break them into two categories:

  1. Clothing & Shoes

  2. Home Goods & Furniture

Anywayz, here are my favorite companies that make 100% of their products right here in the USA! Check them out! Support them! Buy a little somethin' somethin'! Oh, and I should say that none of these companies have given me free product or paid me to write about them. I just really like 'em and want to celebrate the work they do.


#1 | The Vermont Flannel Company

Made in Woodstock, Vermont

One of my favorite traditions growing up was having matching Christmas pajamas...thank you, Momma! After Josh and I got married, I wanted to continue this tradition in my own home with locally made PJs that we could wear all season long...and that would last a lifetime! That's how I found The Vermont Flannel Company. This family-owned business has been churning out lovingly made flannel for 30+ years. Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: Night Shirt ($63)

We've enjoyed our Vermont Flannel pajamas for 6 winters so far and they're still as fresh as ever!

#2 | Los Angeles Apparel

Made in Los Angeles, California

I had the chance to visit LA Apparel's factory a few months ago and gosh, I just love them so much. They pay their workers a living wage. They don't waste fabric. They make classic pieces that I can easily mix and match every single day. They're located just 9 miles from my front door and I even had the chance to tour their factory and meet their CEO Dov Charney at a recent sample sale. Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: The Valley A-Line Skirt ($50)

Here I am with CEO Dov Charney at the LA Apparel factory in downtown Los Angeles. I'm wearing their clothes from head to toe! Everything is made just 10 miles from my house.


Made in Los Angeles, California

Buying local doesn't have to be expensive. I love the unique, stretchy fabrics they use on their tank tops, crop tops and dresses. It's one of my favorites to wear on a date night, because it's stretchy, fun and a bit sexy. And believe it or not, this $25 piece elicited a much stronger reaction from my husband than my $1,000 wedding dress (HAHAHA). Check them out here.

Celebrating our 6th Anniversary at one of our favorite restaurants, Baltaire. This little pink dress is SO FUN to wear!

#4 | Robeworks

Made in Los Angeles, California

I've been a bridesmaid 10 times, so I've deeeefinitely picked up quite a collection of robes over the years. Sadly, they lose their luster after a few seasons of wear. That's why I did a little research and saved up for a robe from Robeworks, which makes their soft, luxurious robes right here in downtown Los Angeles and are meant to last for ages! Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: The Essential Luxury Spa Robe ($124)

#5 | North Star Trading

Made in Whidbey Island, Washington

Handmade slippers are a tough one to find, but I was excited to discover this family-owned company based on a small island off of Washington state. Since 1967, they've been making little pillow forts for your feet. They're expensive, but these will keep me cozy until kingdom come and I have 0 plans to buy new slippers. Currently wearing them whilst I type this post. Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: The Scoot Slipper ($130)

#6 | Palm Beach Sandals

Made in West Palm Beach, Florida

It's hard to find shoes made locally for less than $150. And when I get frustrated by that, I ask much would someone have to pay ME to make them a pair of shoes? <end of complaining> Anyways, this small company based in West Palm Beach makes gorgeous, classic and comfortable sandals that will last longer than any Jack Rogers. I haven't bought a single new pair of flip flops or sandals for 5 years and they still feel brand new! Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: The Classic Palm Beach Sandal ($158)

#7 | Maggie's Organics

Made in Haw River, North Carolina

I found this brand when I was visiting a crunchy grocery store in Northern California and just fell in love. They've been knitting these bebes since 1990s at a mill in North Carolina. Maggie's is one of the most transparent clothing companies I've ever come across. For example, all of the cotton used in all of Maggie’s socks is ginned at a 100% worker-owned cooperative that is run by the farmer co-ops. And lastly, their socks are perfectly cushioned but still work great with my everyday sneakers. Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: Organic Cotton Footie Socks ($8)

#8 | Carbon38

Made in Los Angeles, California

One of my friends won a pair of Carbon38's signature shiny leggings in a fitness contest and when I tried hers on, I was hooked. They're made in downtown Los Angeles and can be paired with a matching bra for the cutest and most conscious workout set around. I know they're expensive at $118 a pop, so instead of buying 4 poorly made pairs for $30 each - save up and buy just one that will outlive the others. I haven't bought new leggings for 5+ years so that's just $20 per year of wear. Check it out here.

My Favorite Product: High-Rise 7/8 Leggings in Takara Shine ($118)

This is one of my favorite matching sets from Carbon38. Here I am running around Brooklyn with my sister. The scrunchie is from The Vermont Flannel Company and the sunglasses are secondhand from my brother.

#9 | The Greeley Hat Company

Made in Greeley, Colorado

I haven't written a blog post in a really long time, but it was my grandmother who encouraged me to start back up again. She also said I had to include The Greeley Hat Company in my "Made in USA" list because she just ordered an amazing hat from them after seeing them featured on one of her favorite shows Yellowstone. Since 1909, every hat has been handmade in Colorado for cowgirls and city slickers alike. It sure looks gorgeous on my Dede! Check them out here!

My Grandmother's Favorite Product: Yellowstone John Dutton ($250+)

I've always admired my grandmother's bold fashion statements. Dede has a love for traditional Western style jewelry, textiles, prints and hats like this one!

#10 | Stop Staring!

Made in Los Angeles, California

I've worn this spunky jumpsuit dozens of times over the years, which can be dressed up with a pair of pumps or dressed down with a denim jacket! It's inspired by vintage pin-up fashion, but has a fresh, modern edge to it. For 20+ years, this woman-owned business has been making classic pieces. Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: Rockabilly 1950s Riley Jumpsuit in Red ($175)

Here I am with my childhood best friend Jillian at her bachelorette party. The jumpsuit was so much fun to wear since our camp colors were red and white!


#11 | Nordic Ware

Made in Minneapolis, Minnesota

I'm a big fan of the kitchen goods aisle at Home Goods and TJMaxx, but lemme tell ya that some of those baking pans and trays don't last very long. That's why I've switched over to only buying Nordic Ware products when I need something new. Over 300 of their products have been made in Minneapolis since 1946 and they're committed to sustainability, fair labor practices and have consistently exceeded federal, state and local standards for wastewater, solid waste treatment, and waste disposal. Check it out here.

My Favorite Product: The Prism Big Sheet in Metallic ($22)

#12 | Lodge Cast Iron

Made in South Pittsburg, Tennessee

I'm new to cooking with cast iron and honestly, I'll never go back! There's just something hearty and raw and natural feeling about cooking food with a solid piece of metal like I'm so kind of pioneering cave woman. It brings that campfire feel into my thoroughly modern home ("Hey Siri, set the timer for 10 minutes!" and "Hey Siri, play my cooking music!"). Since the 1800s, 5 generations of the Lodge family have made their iconic skillets in Tennessee. They're heavily focused on environmental responsibility and supporting their local community. I thought taking care of cast iron would be difficult, but it's actually simple and very gratifying - I definitely recommend giving it a try! Check them out here.

I made this deep dish apple pie in my Lodge Skillet (10") for Thanksgiving 2020. It was the best part of the feast!

#13 | Kevin Michael Designs

Made in Annapolis, Maryland

Why get a boring cheese board from TJ Maxx when you can buy a piece of art from a local woodworker that will last a lifetime? The owner of Kevin Michael Designs, Michael is an experimental woodworker who creates whimsical boards that make snack time extra special and take your charcuterie presentations to the next level. He can customize with any shape, color, message or date so they're the perfect gift. Invest in a piece that will be a conversation starter for years to come. Use code BESTSISTEREVER at checkout and maybe he'll be amused and give you a discount. Oh, I am Michael's very proud older sister/super fan.

My Favorite Product: Custom Epoxy Inlay Board ($179)

Each of Michael's charcuterie boards has a unique fingerprint and can be customized a dozen different ways!

#14 | Comfy Down

Made in Newburgh, New York

I actually discovered Comfy Down when I was searching for "Made in USA Throw Pillows"on Amazon and was delighted to find such comfy, well-made pillows. For 20+ years, they've manufactured 300+ products to make every nook of your home cozy. I absolutely love their throw pillows on our Roger+Chris couch! Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: 20x20 Throw Pillow Insert ($29)

#15 | SteriLite

Made in factories across the United States

I try to avoid single use plastic whenever possible, but Sterilite's giant plastic bins are amazing for storage! Since 1939, they've been a family owned business (started by the Tupper family of TupperWare) and have the largest plastic houseware manufacturing company in North America with seven plants totaling over 12 million square feet.

My Favorite Product: The 64qt Clear Storage Tote with Lid ($12)

#16 | Muirwood

Made in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

It was an interesting challenge to find a gift for Josh to honor our "Iron" anniversary aka 6 amazing years of marriage. In a beautiful twist of fate, I found a wife and husband owned business that hand forges home goods from reclaimed iron railroad spikes. Josh's favorite foods are pizza and ice cream, so I was thrilled to find a one-of-a-kind pizza cutter and ice cream scoop. And as they say in Proverbs, iron sharpens iron! Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: The Ice Cream Scoop ($25) and Pizza Cutter ($35)

My husband Josh devours a gluten-free pizza every Saturday afternoon, so this unique pizza cutter makes it even better,

#17 | Stone Candle Bar

Made in Santa Monica, California

Arghhh I just love candles so much. I love tapers, tea lights, pillars, sconces, even battery operated candles...anyways, Stone Candle makes just about all of that just 2 miles from my home. Their store is a feast for the senses and I always leave inspired...I even had the chance to show my handmade wooden candle holders to the owner Daniel Stone! I keep a collection of their luminaries in our bathroom, which last forever with safe battery operated tea lights. Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: White Luminary Candle Holders ($12+)

#18 | Christmas by Krebs

Made in Irving, Texas

Being the Disney lovers that we are, Josh and I have started an annual Christmas tradition of a completely Disney-themed tree these past few years. While all of those ornaments are made internationally (See! I'm far from perfect!), but I searched and found a great family-owned business to buy our round white filler balls from. They're made to last a lifetime in a little factory in Irving, Texas. Check it out here.

#19 | L.L. Bean

Made in Freeport, Maine

Perhaps you think L.L. Bean is just for grandmas and fishermen, but nay! Every single human should own at least one of their extra large tote bags. They're durable, practical and have gotten me through errands, moves and carting supplies to the theatre for my husband's one-man-show. Believe it or not...I've had one of my totes for 15+ years and it still functions perfectly! Their products are made to last and it shows. Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: The Extra Large Boat and Tote ($40)

#20 | It's Not Trash

Made in Los Angeles, California

The owner Marji told me not to tell anyone else about them (shhhh) because they're getting too popular and she has too many orders and whatnot, but I just can't help myself. But she's a self-described"conscientious capitalist" so I'm pretty sure she won't mind too much. This woman-owned wood shop makes all of their pieces from reclaimed wood in downtown Los Angeles. Pretty much all of our furniture was built less than 9 miles from our home. Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: The King Floating Bed ($450)

It's Not Trash made us this Queen bed frame for our guest room. The headboard has two nightstands. Notice my North Star slippers!

#21 | Roger + Chris

Made in Hickory, North Carolina

I didn't think it was possible to still buy furniture made domestically, but it sure is. Spearheaded by the brilliant minds of husbands, Roger and Chris, they are here to make your life "unboring." They are real humans and we really got to email with them to make sure our piece was perfect. Our classic Chesterfield sectional was made in their North Carolina

d get this...and you can VISIT THEIR FACTORY to see where your bebe couch was born! Check them out here.

My Favorite Product: The Higgins Sectional ($$$$)

We opted for the R+C "Higgins" sectional in the Cheyenne Stirrup leather with Nailhead #37. She's a beaut!


#22 | Moment at Home

Made in Los Angeles, California

I'm a candle fanatic. So much so that in my old 900 square foot apartment...there were 55 of them. My landlord was not pleased by the smoke stains on the ceiling. I even own a candle snuffer and wick trimmer! Even though I've been tantalized by the cheeeeap candles at TJ Maxx, I try to buy them locally whenever possible, which is why I love Moment at Home. They're made in Downtown LA by a fellow candle aficionado, Brandon. All of the scents are inspired by his core memories. For example, Idyllwild Cabin is based on the memory of a romantic getaway in a rustic cabin on a chilly, but unforgettable night. Burns neatly and casts an incredible fragrance throughout the room.

My Favorite Product: Idyllwild Cabin ($32)


  1. Check the tag before you make a purchase

  2. Commit to buying items "Made in USA" for just 1 month

  3. Search on Etsy to support local craftspeople

  4. Buy less. Buy better.

This will be a living list, so I'll continue to edit and add to this post over time. Feel free to send me a message about a local company that I need to check out. Thank you for taking the time to read my post! And thank you to my grandmother Dede for encouraging me to start writing again :)


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