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Our Pekingese Puppy Looks Like A Baby Seal

Meet Mushu.

My husband, Josh and I just brought home an adorable 3lb 8oz male pekingese puppy and were immediately stunned by his cuteness. He was even more otherworldly looking than we could have imagined.

My fascination with pekingese began in 2014 when I saw an older pekingese dog at the Tyson's Corner Mall in Virginia. Josh and I were seeing a movie with our friend, Danny and I stopped IN MY TRACKS when I saw this unusual, yet adorable little creature. The dog was calm, but curious and his demeanor was spectacularly strange.

From then on, the pekingese was the dog I wanted to welcome into our home someday.

Pekingese were raised during China's Shu dynasty to be loyal companions to royal family and nobility. They have been depicted in art for more than 2,000 years and didn't reach the United States until the mid 1900s. The pekingese breed is known for their short legs, flat-faced muzzle and distinctively regal look. Mushu bears a close resemblance to a harp seal pup, but I see so many creatures in him

  • Polar Bear – tiny black paws

  • Piranha – sharp, tiny teeth that can cut flesh (ouch!)

  • Caterpillar – low, squiggly body

  • Alpaca – his fur is thick, but soft

  • Bird – his squeaks and tiny barks

  • Rabbit – he hops everywhere he goes

  • Pug – flat muzzle

  • Lion – long, flowing mane

What do you see?

Here are a few photos of Mushu’s “firsts” that I hope you enjoy.

1. Mushu's 1st Applesauce

2. Mushu's 1st Massage

3. Mushu's 1st Time Being Confused with a Scarf

4. Mushu's 1st Family Picture (sans Scar!)

5. Mushu's 1st Meeting with Josh

6. Mushu's 1st High Five

7. Mushu's 1st Time at Trader Joe's

8. Mushu's 1st Drive

9. Mushu's 1st Bath

10. Mushu's 1st Dinner

11. Mushu's 1st Day at Work

12. Mushu's 1st Easter

13. Mushu's 1st Grooming Appointment

14. Mushu's 1st Visit to the Vet

14. Mushu's 1st Selfie with Me

For more of Mushu’s adventures in sunny Santa Monica:


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