Here's What I've Watched in Quarantine: Vol. I

I haven't watched a lot of TV over the past few years. In fact, it took my husband Josh and I more than two years to finish the epic Downton Abbey series. We started it when we had just gotten engaged (I remember sobbing over Sybil's death in our apartment in Virginia) and by the time we'd finished the series (and seen Mr. Bates and Anna FINALLY get their happy ending), we'd gotten married ourselves and moved to California.

California is awesome and everything, but the weather is just too good all the time that I feel bad about staying in to watch TV. Yea, yeaaaaa I know, poor me. But, why watch TV when I could walk to the beach? Take a yoga class! Go for a hike! See a local magic show! Volunteer at church! Drive to Hollywood and see a weird variety show! Or really any number of other "LA things" that make my sister Christine roll her eyes into the back of her head.

Here's my sister Christine and I when she found out I was taking her to Mil Grus, an incredible grotesque French clowning show in Hollywood (July 2019)

But COVID-19 put a big fat stop to all of that and our couch is now my permanent residence. I'm obviously not traveling anywhere right now, so quarantine has provided an ample opportunity to catch up on TV and movies. Ever since California's shutdown began in March, Josh and I have enjoyed the nightly ritual of video calls with our brother Luke and sister Anna. I say "our", because although they grew up with Josh, they mean far more to me than the traditional terms "sister-in-law" and "brother-in-law" would suggest.