Top 33 Things to Do in Santa Monica, California

About three years ago, my husband Josh and I made a big, crazy, practically insane leap of faith and moved 2,658 miles across the country from Washington, DC to California. People always ask if I "get sick of the sunshine" and the answer is a hard no.

Moving our lives here has been fun, weird, wild and amazing. To celebrate my 3 year anniversary in Santa Monica, I'm sharing my favorite 33 things to do around town. So saddle up, friends for sunshine, sand, sound, savasana and some snacks!

Like a lot of locals, I love to play, read and nap in Palisades Park on Ocean Avenue

33. Lunch at Perry's Cafe

Perry’s Cafe and Beach Rentals | 1200 Pacific Coast Highway

Most beachy snack shops sell exclusively fried fare, which yes, I want, buuuut not when I'm in a bikini. Perry's sells fresh eats like avocado toast, quinoa salads, protein shakes and mango smoothies that won't leave you too full to run around the beach. And don't worry, they still sell boardwalk favs like hot dogs, homemade potato chips and two kinds of fries. Look for the sign that says FUN and you'll know you've arrived.

$5-$15 for lunch