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What It's Like to Spend Valentine's Day in Paris

Does it get more romantic than this? As if breathing in Parisian air wasn't enough, Josh planned a beautiful evening to celebrate Valentine's Day with a table at Le Tourneebievre, a traditional French restaurant near Notre Dame. While I was getting ready for our date, he slipped out and picked out a beautiful bouquet from a local florist, which had a festive pink felt heart in the center.


We walked about 2 miles from our hotel, C.O.Q Hotel Paris in the 19th arrondissement. When we arrived at Le Tourneebievre, our table was beautifully set with linen tablecloths, red napkins and twinkling tealight candles or "bougies" in French. I even used Google Translate so I could ask our server to light them! Each dish was perfect.


- Cassolette of butternut with melting cheese and basil

- Duck confit stuffed with chicken, potatoes and garlic

- Cheese plate with jam


- Snails with catalane sauce and homemade smoked bacon

- Fresh cod with melting grana and black rice

- Cassolette of chocolate fondant with 55% cocoa

- Fresh pain et bierre


Every dinner date together is a treasure, but this evening was especially unforgettable.




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