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11 Things to Do with a Bachelorette Party in Dewey Beach

It took 3,000 miles to get there from LA, but every mile was worth the trek to Dewey Beach for my cousin, Lindsay Currie. Linds picked this petite, party-friendly town in Delaware to spend her bachelorette weekend. After a bit of research, we decided on a great house from VRBO for all 15 of us.

Lindsay and I have always been close friends despite a few years' age difference and several states between us. Delaware was actually one of them, because she's from New Jersey and I grew up in Maryland.

Lindsay asked me to be her Maid of Honor while I was on the East Coast last Thanksgiving and I am so honored to help usher her into married life. Lindsay has always had a notoriously tight-knit group of girlfriends, which made this special role even more meaningful to me. Since her wedding planning kicked off, we've vented together, I've sent her scripture and notes from our own pre-marital counseling and sealed a lot of envelopes.

But first, let's get curried away.

Lindsay (third from left), my cousin Alicia (left) and practically-cousin, Cristina (far right).

Activity #1:Raid the local grocery store

If you're renting a house for 15 girls, you need a lot of stuff. Here's the fruits of our labors from the local Giant, including toilet paper, energy drinks, pounds of deli meat and guacamole. Grocery shopping for 15 girls is no joke. You need just a few healthy things (no one eats salad at a bachelorette, let's be real) and a lot of late night snackysnacks. Do you see the 50 pack of Diet Coke, Monster Light and Coke Zero in the cart? No joke.

Activity #2: Decorate and set-up the snacks

It was so much fun to raid Amazon each month for more bachelorette party decorations. Everyone brought desserts, chips and dips to enjoy, including these scandalous cookies.

Activity #3: Grab an Orange Crush at The Starboard

This is the perfect bar for a bachelorette crew, because they have multiple dance floors, a live DJ, an outdoor seating area and of course, a cute signature drink. Their famous Orange Crush is a combination of Smirnoff Orange flavored vodka, triple sec, Sierra Mist and fresh orange juice. Most of the girls tried it and everyone who did, loved it.

See that pink elastic on my arm? I brought whistles for everyone, because they're fun to use when singing along to a song and also, great for dissuading creepers. Of course, there are a few creepers who stand on the perimeter of the dance floor and just watch girls dance, but we didn't experience any issues here. It's a really fun place to experience Dewey Beach!

Activity #4: Visit the Beach at Night

Tine and I needed fresh air from Despacito'ing the dance floor and the beach was right around the corner. The beach was completely empty, so we climbed the lifeguard chair and just talked for a while...not unlike we did 20 years ago at nearby Bethany Beach where we went as kids. It felt amazing to cool off in the ocean breeze.

Activity #5: Snack some more

Do you remember the scene from The Lion King where the wildebeests charge the plains in a mass? That's what it's like when 15 girls come back to a beach house after being out at the bars all night. Cake? Chicken cutlets? Chips? Cupcakes? Candy? Everything was demolished.

Activity #6: Have a Spa Night

The cheapest, most hilarious spa treatment that money can buy. I can't resist these ridiculous face sheets and even keep a few in my suitcase so I can use them on business trips and vacation. They might not infuse royal jelly into my skin like they promise, but they make up for it by making me laugh uncontrollably. I ordered a variety pack of 16 for ~$9.00 for the bachelorette party, so Alicia, Tine and I tried them out. If you're looking for a cheap, fun way to entertain yourselves after a bachelorette night out, look no further!

Activity #7: Spend the day at the beach

We packed sandwich lunches and headed to the beach! Dewey Beach doesn't require guests to have a beach tag, so this is an amazing free activity for a big group. We spent the afternoon lounging and hanging out, about a 15 minute walk from our house.

Activity #8: Have a Potluck Dinner

My aunt (also, Lindsay's mom!) baked a beautiful tray of spanikopita, sugary kourabiethe cookies, and prepared a large Greek salad with chicken for us. Lindsay's future mother-in-law made a tray of chicken cutlets. For a big group of hungry girls, there's no better way to eat. Eating out with a gigantic bachelorette party often leads to a huge bill, annoyed girls and a stressed out bride. No one needs that. It's supposed to be a fun weekend!

Activity #9: Host a Lingerie Party

Every girl packed a treat for Lindsay and hung it on a clothesline before she arrived. She guessed which girl gifted each item. The fleece cat onesie was a fan favorite. I purchased this light blue line and clothes pins from Amazon for about $10.

Activity #10: Live Music at Bottle and Cork + Scavenger Hunt

This is a really fun late night spot with live music and a ton of bachelorette parties. $5 cover, but definitely worth it. We enjoyed a pretty good cover band and a hilarious scavenger hunt that Lindsay's friend created. I can't stress how amazing this activity was. I did get in trouble with the bouncer, however, for trying to get a piggy back from my sister.

Feel free to use these activities for your own Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt!

Activity #11: Clean up so you get your security deposit back

Everyone pitched in, so the two story home was spotless again within an hour. Here are the cousins - exhausted, but happy.

No matter how you plan your Bachelorette Party in Dewey Beach, make sure it's with girls you love!

To all those who adventure unabashedly,



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