How to Find the Perfect Travel Hat in Santa Fe

Cowboy. Fedora. Panama. Campaign. Baseball. Beret. Sun. Beanie.

No matter what kind of hat you're thinking of, odds are pretty high that I've worn something like it on a recent trip. But when I touched down in Santa Fe last weekend for a girlfriend getaway, I realized I'd forgotten my treasured travel accessory. But with this town's reputation for exuding Southwestern art, culture and style, I had a pretty good feeling that New Mexico was the place to find one.

A special girls getaway for my friend, Alex's 30th birthday celebration.

Alex (right) selected beautiful Santa Fe for her 30th birthday celebration

The downtown Santa Fe Plaza was founded as a Spanish colony in the early 1600s and is now an enclave for Native American artisans and silversmiths, boutique clothiers, fine art galleries, Southwestern eateries and souvenir shops. There are a few millinery shops, but I didn't want to spend $250+ on this relatively last minute purchase. Someone in our group even saw a $10,000 custom creation in one of the millineries! When I'm traveling, I try (really, really hard) to avoid impulsive buys, because over the years I've brought souvenirs home that just aren't realistic for my actual day-to-day life.