7 Tips to Stay Comfortable on a Plane

Traveling. It's a blissful concept, but the reality of economy air travel can be uncomfortable. I often feel dehydrated, exhausted and cranky after long flights. Everything that isn't comfy.

I share the following photo of me during an 8 hour layover in Qatar last year as a cautionary tale to those who don't take comfy seriously. I did not prepare to stay comfortable before, during or after a 20 hour day of travel between Washington, DC and Kuala Lumpur.

Boy, was I uncomfortable.


Since then, I've traveled quite a bit and visited 9 countries and 24 states over the last two years. I've gotten better at developing a travel routine and these mistakes have helped me stay comfortable on long hauls. To put it simply, I've found that staying comfy helps me stay happy.

Here are 7 tips that help me stay comfortable during travel days.

1. Sleep Mask

You never know where you may rest your head that's not a bed. I've kept this mask from Kamossa in my purse at all times for the last year. There are adorable options out there but I like the simplicity of a mask that doesn't attract a lot of attention. I've slept better on airport floors, trains, planes, cars, buses, hotels and friends' houses just because I had the extra darkness from my sleep mask. It's not uncommon for me to put my sleep mask on before the plane even takes off.